Clark Street Associates is a unique advisory firm for emerging and established technology companies. We specialize in developing and implementing innovative government strategies and solutions that drive business growth and valuation.

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We believe that an effective government strategy centers on your company, not the government. It starts with a full understanding of your core business, technology, and corporate objectives. Successful strategies then map a path to securing the highest-value government funding and programs to drive those core priorities. CSA handles all aspects of the government and business development process, bearing 80-90% of the total work effort needed to complete a project. We partner with leading lobbying firms to integrate high-power lobbying and government access with Clark Street’s unique business development, technology and strategy expertise, allowing us to provide a complete end-to-end solution for our clients.


Non-Dilutive Funding

Clark Street Associates doesn’t chase existing programs or grants. We actively work with a large number of the key government agencies to create new grant and contract opportunities, tailored to our clients’ products and technologies, that will yield the highest value to our clients.

Our focus is to find opportunities that leverage our clients’ commercial goals without distracting their team from their core objectives


Strategic Partnerships

Clark Street Associates' Business Development services help our clients establish and execute strategic partnerships. These deals are complex and multi-faceted and can involve joint-technology development, non-recurring engineering funding, commercial sales agreements, and additional capital.

We work with a wide network of industry-leading companies (both large and small) in each of our vertical industry segments and have significant expertise in structuring these transactions.


Site Selection

Clark Street Associates helps our clients secure U.S. manufacturing sites and obtain robust, customized state incentive packages. Since we are actively working with many of these states on a continual basis, we know how to frame the potential, long-term economic impact on a region that technology companies can have – with the right messaging and understanding of each state’s economic and political motivations – in order to negotiate custom incentive packages that can be considerably higher than the “standard packages” offered to other companies.

Identifying the ideal manufacturing site must balance the complex landscape of regional political and economic development objectives with incorporates our clients’ financial needs and operational objectives. Such a process does not always lend itself to the typical “spread sheet approach” used by traditional site selection services, and requires a detailed understanding of business, technology and government strategy.


Government Demonstrations & Pilot Programs

Clark Street Associates creates customized programs to do high-profile demonstrations and pilot projects for your technology and products, with marque customers in the government. These high-profile projects are tailored specifically to drive product sales in both commercial and government markets by providing enhanced visibility and credibility for your technology.

The validation from these sorts of projects also boosts credibility with investors, driving up corporate valuation.


Program Management

After Clark Street Associates has secured non-dilutive funding programs for our clients, we can also help cut through the red tape of executing them, by managing all aspects of state and federal government requirements. This includes contract negotiation and administration, government reporting and any special accounting or regulatory practices that may be required by the contract.

We have a dedicated team that leads our Program Management Services, so our clients can leverage non-dilutive government funding, and not be distracted from their commercial business. This service can be billed directly to the government and entails no additional expense to the client.


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